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Web-based PLC malware: A new potential threat to critical infrastructure

A group of researchers from Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering have developed web-based programmable logic controller (PLC) malware able to target most PLCs produced …

water critical infrastructure
CyberAv3ngers hit Unitronics PLCs at multiple US-based water facilities

Iran-affiliated attackers CyberAv3ngers continue to exploit vulnerable Unitronics programmable logic controllers (PLCs), US and Israeli authorities have said in a joint …

CISA urges water facilities to secure their Unitronics PLCs

News that Iran-affiliated attackers have taken over a programmable logic controller (PLC) at a water system facility in Pennsylvania has been followed by a public alert urging …

Unnamed APT eyes vulnerabilities in Rockwell Automation industrial contollers (CVE-2023-3595 CVE-2023-3596)

Rockwell Automation has fixed two vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-3595, CVE-2023-3596) in the communication modules of its ControlLogix industrial programmable logic controllers …

industry biohazard
Beware of password-cracking software for PLCs and HMIs!

A threat actor is targeting industrial engineers and operators with trojanized password-cracking software for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine …

Critical flaw in Rockwell PLCs allows attackers to fiddle with them (CVE-2021-22681)

A critical, easy to exploit vulnerability (CVE-2021-22681) may allow attackers to remotely connect to a number of Rockwell Automation’s programmable logic controllers …

Vulnerabilities in Siemens’ most secure industrial PLCs can lead to industrial havoc

Critical vulnerabilities in the Siemens S7 Simatic programmable logic controller (PLC) have been discovered by cybersecurity researchers at Tel Aviv University and the …

Siemens LOGO!
Siemens LOGO!, a PLC for small automation projects, open to attack

LOGO!, a programmable logic controller (PLC) manufactured by Siemens, sports three vulnerabilities that could allow remote attackers to reconfigure the device, access project …

Detecting PLC malware in industrial control systems

How can attackers load programmable logic controllers (PLC) with destructive malware, and how can the operators of industrial control systems (ICS) detect it? According to a …

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