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The benefits and limitations of AI in cybersecurity

Today’s AI cannot replace humans in cybersecurity but shows promise for driving efficiency and addressing talent shortage, a new report by ​ProtectWise has shown. Penetration …

The state of network security in organizations with 1000+ employees

Security team size at the largest organizations does not scale with the number of overall employees, but they are more likely to include staff with specialized roles, say the …

Do young people hold the key to closing the cybersecurity talent gap?

The cybersecurity talent shortage is a frequently talked about. Even with the attention, the future still holds more job openings than qualified employees available to fill …

Expected changes in IT/OT convergence and industrial security

Ten years ago, I was brought into the industrial security arena by a top company executive in who was convinced that we needed traditional endpoint protection on smart meters. …

virtual reality
Immersive technologies are game changers for cybersecurity job growth

A new ESG study, which surveyed more than 500 people aged 16 to 24, revealed that 74% of respondents said the use of VR tools would increase their likelihood of pursuing …

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