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Pirate flag
Piracy is alive and well, demand reaching 3.7 billion unlicensed streams and downloads

Akamai released a research detailing the persistence of online piracy. The evolving piracy landscape, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovation …

Malicious torrents management tool uncovered

InfoArmor researchers have uncovered Raum, a tool that is used by Eastern European organized crime group “Black Team” to deliver malware to users through malicious …

Kickass Torrents
Alleged Kickass Torrents owner arrested, site taken down

Artem Vaulin, a 30-year-old Ukrainian that is believed to be the creator and owner of Kickass Torrents, currently the most popular and most visited illegal file-sharing …

Fake gaming torrents download unwanted apps instead of popular games

If you’re looking for torrents to download pirated copies of popular games, be extra careful not to be tricked into downloading malicious and unwanted software instead. …

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