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PrivacyMic: A smart home system that doesn’t record speech

Microphones are perhaps the most common electronic sensor in the world, with an estimated 320 million listening for our commands in the world’s smart speakers. The …

Even the world’s freest countries aren’t safe from internet censorship

The largest collection of public internet censorship data ever compiled shows that even citizens of what are considered the world’s freest countries aren’t safe …

Researchers devise RAMBleed attack to grab secret data from memory

Researchers have demonstrated a new variation of the Rowhammer attack: dubbed RAMBleed, it may allow attackers to read data stored inside the computer’s physical memory. …

Unhackable? New chip makes the computer an unsolvable puzzle

A new computer processor architecture that could usher in a future where computers proactively defend against threats, rendering the current electronic security model of bugs …

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