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Sites using session replay scripts leak sensitive user data

When we enter sensitive information – our names, passwords, payment card information, medical information, what have you – into websites, we do it with the …

Apache Struts
Apache servers under attack through easily exploitable Struts 2 flaw

A critical vulnerability in Apache Struts 2 is being actively and heavily exploited, even though the patch for it has been released on Monday. System administrators are …

Google Chrome
Chrome will start labeling some HTTP sites as non-secure

Slowly but relentlessly, Google is pushing website owners to deploy HTTPS – or get left behind. The latest announced push is scheduled for January 2017, when Chrome 56 …

Attackers can hijack unencrypted web traffic of 80% of Android users

The recently revealed security bug (CVE-2016-5696) in the TCP implementation in the Linux kernel that could allow attackers to hijack unencrypted web traffic without an MitM …

Four high-profile vulnerabilities in HTTP/2 revealed

Imperva released a new report at Black Hat USA 2016, which documents four high-profile vulnerabilities researchers at the Imperva Defense Center found in HTTP/2, the new …

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