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Researchers release PoC for Fortinet firewall flaw, exploitation attempts mount researchers have released a PoC exploit for CVE-2022-40684, the authentication bypass vulnerability affecting Fortinet‘s firewalls and secure web gateways, …

GoDaddy breach: SSL keys, sFTP, database passwords of WordPress customers exposed

GoDaddy, the popular internet domain registrar and web hosting company, has suffered a data breach that affected over a million of their Managed WordPress customers. What …

Attackers tried to grab WordPress configuration files from over a million sites

A threat actor that attempted to insert a backdoor into nearly a million WordPress-based sites in early May (and continued to try throughout the month), tried to grab …

Nearly a million WordPress sites targeted in extensive attacks

A threat actor is actively trying to insert a backdoor into and compromise WordPress-based sites to redirect visitors to malvertising. “While our records show that this …

Attackers are exploiting vulnerable WP plugins to backdoor sites

A group of attackers that has been injecting WordPress-based sites with a script redirecting visitors to malicious and fraudulent pages has now also started backdooring the …

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