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New method to safeguard against mobile account takeovers

Computer science researchers have developed a new way to identify security weaknesses that leave people vulnerable to account takeover attacks, where an attacker gains …

Researcher releases PoC rooting app that exploits recent Android zero-day

Late last month Google Project Zero researcher Maddie Stone detailed a zero-day Android privilege escalation vulnerability (CVE-2019-2215) and revealed that it is actively …

Android explode
Unpatched Android flaw exploited by attackers, impacts Pixel, Samsung, Xiaomi devices

A privilege escalation vulnerability affecting phones running Android 8.x and later is being leveraged by attackers in the wild, Google has revealed. Interestingly enough, the …

Vulnerability found in Guard Provider, Xiaomi’s pre-installed security app

Check Point Research discovered a vulnerability in one of the preinstalled apps on devices manufactured by one of the world’s biggest mobile vendors, Xiaomi. The vulnerability …

Xiaomi smartphones come equipped with backdoor

When you buy a new mobile device with certain apps already pre-installed on, you’re effectively forced to trust that the device maker or reseller (depending on who …

Security and privacy issues plague wearable fitness tracking devices

A new report is describing major security and privacy issues in several leading wearable fitness tracking devices and accompanying mobile applications. The research examined …

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