Symantec makes elections more secure with free service to ‘spoof proof’ candidates websites

Symantec announced the availability of a free service, powered by Symantec’s artificial intelligence technology, that political candidates and campaigns can use to test the security and authenticity of their websites. Attracting users to fake websites that contain differences from legitimate websites, is a technique that cyber criminals use to gather personal information, such as birth dates, email addresses, and voting preferences. That data can then be weaponized to influence behavior and attitudes, spread false information, … More

NSFOCUS introduces new capability to identify cyber risk exposure

NSFOCUS announced the launch of NSFOCUS Exposed Internet Surface Analysis (EISA), a new capability to address the cyber security risk faced by organizations today. EISA identifies malicious activity of rogue IPs, ports and services that might be compromised and hidden within the organization’s network providing insights to prioritize remediation and block further malicious activity from within the network. Organizations have embraced digital transformation to create new business models and ecosystems, deliver new products and services, … More

Accenture expands data and AI capabilities of Accenture myWizard platform

Accenture has expanded the capabilities of its automation platform, Accenture myWizard, to help companies to disrupt every aspect of the application lifecycle and drive business value. Accenture has bolstered the platform’s capabilities by integrating artificial intelligence (AI), automation, analytics and DevOps, through investments, technology enhancements and expanded ecosystem collaboration. With over 50 patents and patent applications, Accenture myWizard enables organizations to move beyond driving productivity and cost reduction in their technology applications and focus on … More

WhiteHat Security broadens application security testing portfolio with Bugcrowd partnership

WhiteHat Security announced a partnership with Bugcrowd to broaden the WhiteHat Sentinel application security testing portfolio with vulnerability testing. The partnership will deliver an application security testing solution to organizations around the world. WhiteHat Sentinel provides application security testing augmented with human intelligence to reduce risk with near zero false positives. Bugcrowd offers managed bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs to identify and triage security risks, delivered via a global crowd of security researchers to … More

Covata announces general availability of SafeShare for ITAR

Covata announced the general availability of SafeShare for the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). This SaaS offering will serve a role in allowing small and medium-sized businesses in the Defense Industrial Base sector to adopt the cloud while complying with export control laws, such as ITAR and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). ITAR and EAR are two regimes that control the export of defense articles including technical data, defense services, and dual-use articles … More

XebiaLabs extends Jenkins for all DevOps teams and tools

Adding to XebiaLabs’ enterprise DevOps platform for Release Orchestration, Deployment Automation, and DevOps Intelligence, the XebiaLabs DevOps Pack for Jenkins provides everything enterprise DevOps teams need to make Jenkins pipelines an integrated part of their software delivery pipelines. As a result, Jenkins pipeline data is available to—and usable by—all types of team members involved in getting software from code to production. Development pipelines are disconnected from the software delivery organization As part of the coding … More

Express Logic’s X-Ware IoT platform brings security and safety to the Microchip SAM L11 microcontrollers

Express Logic has announced that its industrial-grade X-Ware IoT Platform—powered by the ThreadX RTOS—now supports the TrustZone for ARMv8-M technology-based Microchip SAM L11 microcontrollers. IoT devices require an RTOS and network connectivity. As device vendors open up their APIs to share data and allow more interoperability with other products and single-point devices and systems, information security and protection become issues. Express Logic’s X-Ware IoT Platform provides a foundation that enables embedded developers using the SAM … More

Gemalto and R3 pilot blockchain technology to put users in control of their Digital ID

Who are you, and can you prove it? The new Gemalto Trust ID Network enables users to give digital service providers verified and secured answers to these questions. By creating and managing their own ‘Self-Sovereign’ Digital ID, users can enroll with a host of different digital banking, eCommerce and eGovernment services, without having to go through repeated due diligence processes for each of them. This distributed approach to Digital ID management enables service providers to … More

SmartBear announces SoapUI Pro 2.5, enabling teams to embed API testing into DevOps

SmartBear announced the release of SoapUI Pro 2.5, the latest update of the testing platform for REST and SOAP APIs. This release includes the addition of native Docker support, automated test creation, and native integrations with Continuous Integration (CI) servers like Jenkins, TeamCity, and VSTS. Containers are changing the way software is delivered in a microservice-driven world. DevOps teams are turning to containers, and specifically Docker, as a critical component of their continuous delivery process. … More

New McAfee consumer portfolio delivers enhanced speed, effectiveness and security features

McAfee launched the latest version of its consumer security portfolio, focused on system performance, detection effectiveness and safeguarding people’s digital lives. In an increasingly connected world, the new lineup adds benefits that address consumer needs across all life stages. McAfee Identity Theft Protection and McAfee Safe Family are now included in McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe. McAfee Ransom Guard and PC Boost have been added to the entire product lineup, which includes McAfee AntiVirus, … More