Proofpoint Cloud Account Defense detects compromised Microsoft Office 365 accounts

Proofpoint announced the availability of Proofpoint Cloud Account Defense (CAD) to detect and protect Microsoft Office 365 accounts, preventing attackers from causing financial and data loss. Cybercriminals have a way to compromise corporate email systems, this time by using brute force attacks to steal Microsoft Office 365 login credentials of corporate users and then logging in as an imposter on the system. These hacking techniques work even if the company has deployed single sign on … More

StackRox upgrades its Container Security Platform

StackRox announced a new release of its Container Security Platform. It is the integrated solution for container security that incorporates a feedback loop between the different phases of the container life cycle. This functionality uses threat information detected at runtime to inform risk scoring and policy enforcement as containers are built and deployed, resulting in actionable insights with greater context. The release helps customers catch potential security issues based on observed application behavior at runtime … More

Accenture Touchless Testing Platform integrates AI technology

Accenture has acquired an artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Real Time Analytics Platform. The technology will be integrated into the Accenture Touchless Testing Platform, strengthening its analytics and cognitive capabilities. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Real Time Analytics Platform leverages AI in the form of machine learning, neural networks and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze every stage of the software testing life cycle, enabling users to make data-driven decisions that reduce defects, … More

CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution is available on AWS Marketplace

CyberArk announced availability of the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. With this move, CyberArk is delivering flexibility for AWS customers that are prioritizing risk reduction and want to simplify and automate privileged credential protection for the cloud. CyberArk provides privileged access security support for the AWS community and ecosystems. With a commitment to innovation and a focus on mitigating the risks of emerging cyber threats, CyberArk is empowering cloud-first … More

Cylance releases Cylance Smart Antivirus

Cylance launched Cylance Smart Antivirus, AI-powered antivirus software designed for consumers. By extending the enterprise-grade AI of CylancePROTECT into the home, Cylance provides internet users with security software that predicts and blocks threats. More than 350,000 new pieces of malware are created every day, and traditional consumer antivirus software can’t keep pace with today’s security reality. Existing solutions rely on reactive, signature-based technologies that slow down systems, bombard users with pop-up notifications, and require some … More

CloudBees DevOptics provides insights into DevOps performance

CloudBees announced new capabilities within CloudBees DevOptics that make it the solution built to provide real-time value stream visibility and insights to monitor, measure and manage DevOps performance across the organization. The functionality solves an issue organizations face when adopting DevOps practices: They are investing in new ways of delivering software, but at the same time struggling to understand the impact their investment has on the business. The Value of Measuring DevOps Measuring the same … More

RSA Conference 2018 Asia-Pacific & Japan announces keynote stage line-up

RSA Conference announced its line-up of keynote speakers for RSA Conference 2018 Asia-Pacific & Japan (APJ). The Conference keynotes will be opened by Mr. Ng Hoo Ming, Deputy Chief Executive (Operations), Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA). His speech is titled “Now Matters: Of Data Governance, Cybersecurity, and Regulation”. As the Conference adopts a focus on government regulations, privacy laws and regional C-suite concerns, Narelle Devine, CISO, Australian Government Department of Human Services, and Dr. … More

NCP Secure Enterprise Management connects IIoT security and remote access

NCP engineering provides security for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with its central management system, NCP Secure Enterprise Management. Providing visibility across all components and the configuration of all IIoT components, including machine certificates, the NCP Secure Enterprise Management solution bridges the gap between operational IT and production IT located in devices and machines. This type of solution enables administrators to manage IIoT clients, IIoT gateways, remote access gateways and remote access clients with … More

Valimail extends its IDEA platform with Valimail Defend

Valimail Defend provides email fraud protection, eliminating inbound email impersonation attacks, including friendly-from spoofing as well as lookalike-domain (sometimes called cousin-domain) attacks. Valimail Defend is the automated, identity-driven solution that blocks inbound impersonation emails. It is built on the foundation of the Valimail IDEA platform, with the automated approach that’s different from first-generation reporting solutions, and which does not require access to the content of the emails. Valimail Defend also leverages Valimail’s proprietary machine learning … More

F5 welcomes Mary Gardner as CISO

F5 Networks announced that Mary Gardner has joined the company’s leadership team as its chief information security officer (CISO). In this role, she is responsible for F5’s information security management efforts, along with strategic planning, governance, and controls. This includes identifying, evaluating, and reporting on F5’s overall security performance and posture in alignment with regulatory requirements and industry practices. While the security, compliance, and data protection of F5, customer, and partner information will be her … More