WhiteHat Security unveils AI capabilities for Sentinel Dynamic DAST solution to empower DevSecOps

WhiteHat Security unveiled that new, artificial intelligence (AI) software is being added to WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic, its dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution, which draws from a data lake of 95 million identified vulnerabilities. The enhancements will enable WhiteHat to deliver the accuracy which can be achieved through automated testing with additional human verification. Human verification is always available to WhiteHat clients, the company will now offer AI-enabled verification, taking just seconds. This will empower … More

SecBI partners with Intelligent Wave to bring Autonomous Investigation technology to enterprises

SecBI announced a partnership with Intelligent Wave to offer SecBI’s Autonomous Investigation technology to organizations and enterprises throughout Japan. The collaboration answers the need for enterprises to uncover malicious communications within minutes. SecBI’s Autonomous Investigation technology is based on machine learning that analyzes network traffic to automate the detection and investigation of cybersecurity threats without the need to deploy additional sensors. Its ability to discover and map out the full scope of an attack accelerates … More

Ola Sergatchov joins GuardiCore as VP of corporate strategy

GuardiCore announced that Ola Sergatchov has joined GuardiCore as Vice President of corporate strategy. Sergatchov will lead GuardiCore’s corporate strategy and go-to-market initiatives to drive growth on a global scale. “Ola brings a unique mix of strategic experience, technical depth and entrepreneurial spirit from more than 18 years in the industry with enterprise leaders like IBM, Oracle, and Standard&Poors. She is well positioned to contribute to all aspects of our business, including product development and … More

Security Compass expands support for OpSec, adding Microsoft Azure to its knowledge library

Security Compass announced it has expanded on operational security (OpSec) requirements available in the SD Elements’ knowledge library, with support for Microsoft Azure and other application deployment environments. SD Elements makes it easy for development teams to manage the security considerations of the entire technology stack – both the software itself, as well as the OpSec requirements of the Web server, application server, database server, and operating system. Since announcing in October 2017 Amazon Web … More

BitSight unveils cybersecurity performance planning and analytics solution

BitSight announced the availability of BitSight Forecasting, the analytics offering in the Security Rating Services industry to provide visibility into a company’s security program, as well as insights into the efficacy of its investments and initiatives. BitSight Forecasting will help customers identify the course of action to improve their cybersecurity risk posture. Leveraging risk and security analytics available through the BitSight ecosystem, customers can model various security scenarios and project how changes to processes, technologies … More

WP Engine launches Global Edge Security for WordPress with Cloudflare

WP Engine announced the launch of Global Edge Security, an enterprise-class security solution built from Cloudflare’s Internet performance and security solutions. Global Edge Security integrates WP Engine’s platform, which powers more than 80,000 global customers, with Cloudflare’s managed web application firewall (WAF), distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation, SSL/TLS encryption, and CDN across a global edge network spanning more than 70 countries to deliver digital experiences on WordPress. WP Engine’s Global Edge Security is a … More

IDERA updates toolset for SQL Server security and compliance

IDERA announced the latest release of its SQL Security Suite, including SQL Secure and SQL Compliance Manager, with support for industry regulations. As data protection regulations gain traction across the globe, research shows the average cost of noncompliance (business disruption, loss of productivity, fines, penalties, etc.) for organizations is now $14.8 million, a 45 percent increase from 2011. To avoid becoming one of the statistics, companies must be more vigilant about protecting customer data and … More

Cloudera launches an IoT architecture with Red Hat and Eurotech to accelerate IoT deployments

Cloudera announced the launch of an end-to-end, open source Internet of Things (IoT) architecture in collaboration with Red Hat and Eurotech. Enterprises now have a modern IoT architecture that is scalable, secure, and technologically advanced without vendor lock-in. Organizations that bought into proprietary IoT platforms are finding themselves tied to limited functionality, locked into a particular vendor, and unable to scale. Enterprises have had to piece together multiple vendors’ solutions, manage all of the complexities … More

Automation Anywhere launches cloud strategy with global cloud companies

Automation Anywhere Enterprise is now one of the only Digital Workforce Platforms to support the cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure. The Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform can be deployed on-premises, in a hybrid cloud, or on cloud platforms to provide scale and flexibility, offering a range of options to meet the deployment needs of organizations. Many companies are moving their applications from on-premises to be hosted in private … More

Cloudistics Migration Manager enables workload migrations between platforms

Cloudistics announced the release of Cloudistics Migration Manager for the company’s Ignite platform. A no-cost application that is built into the Cloudistics Application Marketplace, it provides migration for workloads to Cloudistics, enabling users to migrate workloads in hours. Organizations usually find application migration to be complicated and time consuming, so by including Migration Manager with every Cloudistics platform, customers can sidestep a problem, accelerate time to value, and increase immediate ROI. Cloudistics Migration Manager is … More