Smartphone security and privacy protection

With the rapid adoption of smartphones, concerns about security and privacy of data on the phone are increasing. Consumers realize that they have an extensive amount of private information on their phone including their identity information, location, personal data and messages.

In a recent study, Lookout found that more than 91% of consumers have some level of concern with the privacy of information on their phone, and only 7% of smartphone users feel extremely confident that they understand what private information is being accessed on the phone.

Lookout Mobile Security announced Lookout Premium for Android which includes new security and privacy features for added smartphone protection.

Lookout Premium includes all the great features available in Lookout Free, plus:

  • Additional Security + Privacy Protection: Privacy Advisor +Remote Wipe and Remote Lock
  • Enhanced Backup & Restore: Photos and call history, in addition to contacts. Transfer data to a new phone.
  • Premium Support: Priority response to your issues and questions.

Available for the first time in Lookout Premium, Privacy Advisor brings immediate transparency to consumers concerned about which applications can access their private data. Users can scan every app they download and quickly view a comprehensive list of apps that can access their private data, such as identity information, location, and messages.

Consumers can view detailed app reports on the capabilities of these applications on their phone. Privacy Advisor empowers users to make informed decisions about what apps to download and gain more control of their personal data.

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