New storage system for field forensic investigators

Guidance Software announced a new compact, easily transportable storage system that gives forensic investigators the storage capacity they need to handle large cases in the field.

The Tableau TMSS-IIO1 Integrated Storage Module is the first product planned in a broader family of Tableau modular storage systems. Guidance Software offers EnCase and Tableau forensic products along with training to help digital investigators perform effective triage, collection, analysis, and archiving of electronic data.

The TMSS-IIO1 Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID) enclosure combines space for four 3.5 inch Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) hard drives, cooling fans, RAID control, and host interface electronics in a single integrated unit.

It gives forensic practitioners a compact, easily transportable, high availability (RAID 5) storage solution with the capacity to handle large cases in the field. TMSS-IIO1 is the most compact (5 ½ in. x 7 in. x 6 ¾ in) and lightweight forensic storage unit available.

Standalone RAID systems have historically suffered from poorly designed RAID management software. The Tableau TMSS-IIO1 includes the Tableau Storage Manager, a Windows application built to streamline and simplify the management of TMSS-IIO1. The Tableau Storage Manager provides a simple interface for initializing the drive array, monitoring the health of the modular storage system hard drives, identifying failing hard drives, and rebuilding the RAID array.

TMSS-IIO1 ships with a Tableau power supply, a complete set of host connection cables (eSATA, FireWire, and USB), FireWire cable adapters, and a 10-pack of evidence cards.

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