Network forensics platform Solera OS 5.0 released

Solera Networks announced Solera OS 5.0, a major update to its network forensics platform. The new OS transforms network forensics, addressing the prevailing urgency IT security must apply to eliminating today’s threats.

The release is currently under beta testing by key enterprise and government customers and will be demonstrated at the RSA Conference next week. Solera OS 5.0 includes innovations to improve network situational awareness, enable swift root cause analysis, and promote deterrence and prevention in today’s next generation threat environment.

Solera OS 5.0 powers the high-performance Solera DS line of network forensics appliances. These appliances are like surveillance cameras for the network to help address today’s next generation threats, including: insider threats, botnets, malware, security breaches, or prolonged, targeted attacks. They go beyond dated packet capture or network sniffer technologies to also collect, classify, visualize, and recreate every bit of data, even on today’s ultra-fast networks, physical or virtual.

Solera OS 5.0 key additions include:

Application classification and description – Network traffic is classified into 28 different application families and 490 specific applications, with up to 5000 descriptive details collected. Security professionals have a vivid picture and context to all traffic on their network.

Solera DB v2 – The next generation of our patented capture technology with highly efficient compression now increases the amount of data that can be stored in the same physical space by a factor of 10-to-1.

DeepSee active reporting – Active reporting gives users the power to work with results as they are returned in real-time. This provides quicker time to resolution by discovering an incident in the early stages of an investigation.

Geolocation: DeepSee Maps and Google Earth integration – Visually see traffic patterns and identify concentrations of traffic to and from locations of interest. Abnormal or suspect traffic is easily recognized and serves as the starting point of an investigation.

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