Illegal online pharmacies target mobile users

Malware authors have begun to set their sights on mobile device users, as witnessed by the latest Trojans made for Android-running devices, on official and unofficial online markets. SMS and “clicker” Trojans, Trojans with botnet capabilities, and others have already been spotted. Cyber crooks go where the money is, and it seems that money can increasingly be found with mobile users.

But malware pushers are not the only ones who decided to tap into the mobile market. As witnessed by Cyveillance, fake pills pushers have also begun catering to that part of the population that uses its smartphone to surf the Internet.

The look of regular websites is not optimized for mobile browsing – the font size is usually too small and navigation is too difficult. So, the scammers running some illegal online pharmacies have decided that there is enough interest to warrant the setting up of websites optimized for mobile device interaction:

They even incorporated a .mobi internet domain for the site. Unfortunately, apart from these cosmetic changes, the danger for users remains the same: fake pills that can endanger their health and unsecured, unencrypted payment processing that may result in their credit card details getting stolen and misused.


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