PC Lock protects from identity theft, privacy invasion

Laplink released PC Lock, data encryption software with cloud management.

Its Web Management Console lets users modify preferences, change settings, reset passwords, lock the data on a missing or stolen PC and remotely delete data. The console is accessible from any web-enabled device, including smartphones, allowing management from virtually anywhere.

PC Lock utilizes a simple wizard that walks users through installation, configuration and encryption of their PC’s data. After installation, the tool encrypts files automatically in the background without degrading the PC’s performance. Files are unencrypted when opened and re-encrypted when saved.

Encrypted data is locked behind the PC Lock password, which is separate from the Windows login. This has two important benefits: if you forget your PC Lock password, you can still log into Windows and access the Web Management Console to reset your password; and secondly, it adds another level of security guarding against cold boot hacks and pre-boot login problems.

Files and folders on a PC remain protected even if the PC is lost or stolen. Users can trigger a remote wipe of their encrypted data from the Web Management Console, preventing access of stolen files. Even if the thief pulls the hard drive from the PC and never accesses the Internet, the data remains encrypted and inaccessible.

PC Lock is also compatible with other security software, so it can provide an extra layer of protection and complement existing safeguards a user may already have in place or add in the future.

The full version of PC Lock is free for the first 24 hours after launch. Following the launch giveaway, it will be sold for $14.95

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