Portable biometric fingerprint scanner for iPod touch

Fulcrum Biometrics announced its FbF mobileOne fingerprint biometric accessory and companion app are now available for iPod touch.

FbF mobileOne is the world’s first fingerprint biometric solution designed exclusively for iOS. The fingerprint reader accessory easily snaps onto iPod touch (2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation). By harnessing the processing power of iPod touch, it enables the development and deployment of reliable, portable and networkable biometric identification systems that are cost-effective and powerful enough for government, medical and law enforcement applications.

Portable biometric identification systems are in use worldwide, however these systems usually involve a laptop PC, tethered fingerprint scanner and other equipment that require separate power sources, making them difficult to use in remote and rural areas.

Because of its pocket size and 9+ hour battery life, FbF mobileOne is suited for mobile identification systems such as biometric voter registration, on-site time and attendance for construction or farm workers and law enforcement warrant searches – a time-consuming and costly process that usually involves taking offenders back to the station for booking.

The FbF mobileOne can be used for logical and physical security and it is suitable as part of a HIPAA-compliant medical information system.

The FbF mobileOne uses AuthenTec’s TCEFC1 TouchChip silicon fingerprint module which sends FIPS-201/PIV-certified fingerprint images (an image quality standard widely accepted in global government programs) to the FbF mobileOne App on iPod touch for onboard processing, storage and forwarding. The FbF mobileOne App supports the embedded fingerprint scanner.

The FbF mobileOne accessory plugs into the Apple 30-pin connector on iPod touch. The FbF mobileOne captures fingerprint images when a finger is placed on the sensor and securely uploads the data to the FbF mobileOne App on iPod touch where it is processed, matched against the on-board fingerprint database or forwarded to a remote host.

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