Encrypt files on Mac with BestCrypt

Jetico announced that their popular BestCrypt Container Encryption software now offers full compatibility with Mac computers.

The software delivers data protection. Selected files and folders are automatically encrypted when stored inside BestCrypt container files which work like virtual disk drives. When the virtual disk drive is mounted or opened, you can read and write data or drag and drop files – just like you would with any regular removable disk drive.

BestCrypt’s key advantage is working with container files for transfer and storage of encrypted data – compatible across Windows, Linux and Mac. Users can determine the size of the container depending upon their needs, as well as create multiple containers for more flexible data management.

Compared to Apple’s specialized Mac-only FileVault, BestCrypt Container Encryption is a flexible advanced data protection system offering the following added benefits:

  • Encrypt any files – not just the user home directory
  • Protect data with multiple passwords, public keys and a wide choice of strong encryption algorithms (AES, Blowfish, Twofish, CAST and others)
  • Container-level compatibility to conveniently store and move encrypted data across major operating systems – Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Hidden containers allowing advanced deniable encryption – cannot be proven to exist
  • Enforce key management policies by changing container encryption keys without losing contents
  • Ease of use that seamlessly integrates into your daily workflow providing automatic and transparent data protection.

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