Flashback: Encrypted backups for Android

Flashback provides encrypted backups to the cloud, giving you reliable access to your data along with the peace of mind that it’s secure.

Flashback allows you to backup your entire android system, as well as the contents of your SD card. By default, your data is stored in Amazon S3 — but everything that leaves the device is encrypted, giving you the reliablity of a storage provider like S3, but with the data security of Whisper Systems.

Flashback’s snapshot technology keeps track of what you’ve already backed up, so if a file doesn’t change between one day and another, that file isn’t backed up again.

Flashback even keeps track of blocks within a file, so if a file does change, only the new parts are backed up, while the rest are reused. This gives you full coverage, without wasting bandwidth, battery life, or storage space.

Additionally, Flashback performs operations transactionally. If a backup fails midway, that transaction is rolled back, which prevents a partial snapshot from taking up storage space.

Flashback is included with WhisperCore 0.4, a free download for individual use. A limited version of Flashback is also available for non-WhisperCore users through Android Market.

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