Forensic data capture and data extraction

Logicub announced the Talon Enhanced forensic data capture solution and the CellXtract data extraction solution for mobile devices.

The Talon Enhanced provides fast data capture at over 7GB/min, and features a ruggedized and scratch-resistant exterior and impact resistant display to meet harsh field environments.

A small footprint and light-weight (at less than 2 pounds) makes it easy to transport in the field.

The solution allows users to capture to dd image or to E01 file format (featuring hardware-based compression to maintain line-speed performance) and uses both MD5 and SHA-256 authentication concurrently in real time at full capturing speed. It provides 100% write-protected source ports to provide a forensically secure preview of a suspect drive without additional write-block hardware required.

CellXtract provides fast and thorough forensic data extraction from mobile devices, including iPhone, Android and GPS devices and PDAs. With no external computer required, the CellXtract is a self-contained solution that allows users to view and triage data extraction in real time on scene.

A ruggedized chassis, which meets IP54 and a subset of Mil Std 810F standards, has been specifically designed for the harshest field environments, including military operations. Battery-operated and field rechargeable CellXtract is available anytime, anywhere.

The CellXtract provides extraction reports in xml or .csv formats to easily import into data mining applications. The comprehensive search feature allows you to pre-load a list of keywords to quickly highlight relevant suspect data in the report.

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