LulzSec DDoS rampage downs game servers and sites

Tuesday has been another busy day for the LulzSec bunch, and has witnessed DDoS attacks against a number of targets.

It all started with the downing of the website of the Escapist, a online magazine covering everything to do with online gaming.

According to LulzSec’s comments on their Twitter account, that action required only 0.4% of their resources, so they turned their sights on the login servers for EVE Online – a popular MMORPG by CCP Games. The attack also took down the official site for the game.

CCP Games decided to take the web servers completely offline while they scan their networks for possible damage and intrusions. “Our taskforce concluded at 22:05 that neither the game servers nor the CCP infrastructure had been breached,” said J??n H?¶rðdal, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. “Further, we can also confirm that no personal details such as users’ credentials or credit card numbers were exposed through this incident.”

He also said that they will be monitoring the situation and are prepared to take the servers offline again if warranted.

The next target was the Fin Fisher website, “because apparently they sell monitoring software to the government or some sh*t like that.”

Finally, they targeted the Minecraft and League of Legends login servers, which also resulted in their sites being knocked offline.

“And that concludes our DDoS party: Escapist Magazine, Eve Online, Minecraft, League of Legends + 8 phone requests,” commented the group, who has instituted a phone line on which they apparently take requests from the public on who to target.

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