LulzSec discloses 62,000+ random login credentials

LulzSec rampages on.

They claimed they took out for a couple of hours tonight, but its difficult to say whether they really did it or whether the site was made unavailable because of a large number of people trying to access it after seeing the “Tango down – – for the lulz” message on the group’s Twitter feed.

The group also redirected the incoming phone calls to their dedicated and likely untraceable phone line to online retailer, then the Detroit offices of the FBI, and finally to HBGary offices.

As the latest prank, they made available for download a text document containing 62,000+ emails/passwords and encouraged Internet users to try and use them on various online services and social networks in order to hijack the accounts.

“In return for flooding /b/ this morning, have 62,000 passwords and emails,” they said. “The top half is ‘password | email’, and the bottom half is ’email | password’; these are random assortments from a collection, so don’t ask which site they’re from or how old they are, because we have no idea. We also can’t confirm what percentage still work, but be creative or something.”

And judging by the comments of various users, some rose to the challenge. The worst thing is, the file is hosted on MediaFire, and as I’m writing this, is still available for download.

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