Free Service helps companies keep Web browsers secure

Qualys announced BrowserCheck Business Edition, a new free service helping organizations identify and fix browser security issues.

The service gives IT administrators a clear view of web browser security across their organizations, and allows them to work with users to fix any security issues.

Security flaws in web browsers and their plug-ins are often the preferred target of malware attacks – especially as people increasingly use their browsers for activities including using web applications, conducting business transactions, using social media and web surfing.

Inside companies, network and desktop administrators responsible for information security of an organization do not have visibility into the state of browser and browser plug-in information within their environments.

Using Qualys BrowserCheck, a service that scans web browsers and plug-ins and provides remediation instructions for any security issues, Qualys BrowserCheck Business Edition helps companies protect computer users from browser-related security issues, while providing administrators with a clear view of browser security across their organizations.

“Millions of people use their web browsers every day to access data and use applications from their computers or mobile devices. The migration of data and applications to the cloud means activity through web browsers will increase, making it an increasingly popular target of attack,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys. “The new BrowserCheck Business Edition is an accurate, easy-to-use free service to help corporations keep their web browsers and plug-ins updated and secure on a global scale.”

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