Multi-function fingerprint sensor for tablets and notebooks

AuthenTec announced its newest smart sensor for the PC market, the AES2665, which is integrated in the TouchStone package module, gives PC and tablet users security, enhanced aesthetics and touch-powered conveniences including personalization and LED feedback.

The AES2665 sensor module features a bi-color programmable LED to provide users quick visual feedback on sensor functions. Smart sensor features and functions are fully optimized when used on a PC equipped with AuthenTec’s TrueSuite and HP SimplePass 2011 identity management software.

The AES2665 combines a USB2.0 full speed interface with compact size and low voltage, low power operation. This new sensor features AuthenTec’s live layer fingerprint imaging technology and pattern-based matching algorithms.

It offers industry leading performance including Ability-To-Enroll (99 percent) and False Rejection Rate/False Acceptance Rate (less than 1% FRR at 1 in 500,000 FAR). This helps to ensure PC and tablet users are able to easily authenticate with one swipe of the finger while providing very high levels of security.

AES2665 module features:

  • Smart sensor embedded in durable 3.1mm thin, 22mm X 14.6 mm TouchStone package module
  • 4 Pin, 1.0mm pitch FPC connector
  • 192 x 8 pixel sensor array provides 500 DPI resolution
  • 128-bit AES image encryption
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface
  • Multiple battery-friendly operating modes @ 3.3V
  • Integrated low-power finger detection with remote wakeup capability
  • One-time Password (OTP) capability
  • Cursor and menu navigation capability
  • Compatible with AuthenTec TrueSuite and HP SimplePass 2011 software
  • Ultra-hard surface coating offers >8H scratch hardness withstands >10 million rubs
  • Color variations available (standard color is black).

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