New book: Network Warrior, Second Edition

There are many books on network certification, this one tells you what to do once you’ve passed the exam and out in the real world.

Network Warrior, Second Edition teaches readers about real world networking – what they can do after they’ve passed the certification exam, and realize that all the theory won’t help them on the job.

This edition has been revised and updated for the newest Cisco technology.

Topics include:

  • An in-depth view of routers and routing
  • Switching, using Cisco Catalyst and Nexus switches as examples
  • SOHO VoIP and SOHO wireless access point design and configuration
  • Introduction to IPv6 with configuration examples
  • Telecom technologies in the data-networking world, including T1, DS3, frame relay, and MPLS
  • Security, firewall theory, and configuration, as well as ACL and authentication
  • Quality of Service (QoS), with an emphasis on low-latency queuing (LLQ)
  • IP address allocation, Network Time Protocol (NTP), and device failures.
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