Microsoft releases new preview of SQL Server “Denali”

Microsoft released the next public CTP of Microsoft SQL Server “Denali” packed with Business Intelligence (BI) improvements and innovations for relational databases as well as for BI solutions.

Kay Unkroth from Microsoft comments: “There are many new features that you can put to use. PowerPivot “Denali” supports hierarchies, multiple relationships between tables, a measure grid to easily create, edit, and manage measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), new DAX functions (Time series, distinct count to name a few), and importing of binary large objects (BLOB).”

“All of these features – and many more – are also available on the server in tabular Analysis Services databases, including row-level security, partitions and DirectQuery mode, enabling you to access the information directly from the source system. Substantial improvements can also be found in our SharePoint components. Among other things, we separated setup and configuration tasks, so it’s easy to install and uninstall, configure and re-apply configuration settings.”

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