Security case for iPhone 4

BungeeAir is based on a wireless technology that instantly creates a connection between your iPhone and a compact key fob to create a security tether keeping your phone and fob aware of each other’s location. This tether is intended to remind you if you leave the phone or fob behind and beyond eyeshot.

Simply place the iPhone in the protective case and attach the BungeeAir fob to your keys, purse or badge and it will remind you if ever leave your phone behind, before it can get out of your sight.

A convenient companion app lets you customize the security settings, and with the added feature that it can help you find your fob and attached misplaced keys.

Forgetting or leaving your phone behind with all your data and assets unprotected is a primary concern, but the idea that you that are disconnected to your world of contacts is probably a bigger issue. BungeeAir provides a wireless security tether, and a thin protective case.

There’s also a free companion app for or the BungeeAir family of products which secures and protects your iPhone against loss and unapproved use.

The BungeeAir App alerts you when your phone is left behind and prevents others from seeing the screen or accessing files. In addition you can use the wireless security tether function to find your iPhone or BungeeAir fob.


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