Enhanced enterprise mobility management platform

BoxTone announced an advancement to its EMM platform, delivering the first fully automated policy and compliance management engine with a real-time mobile security dashboard, analytics, alerting, audit reporting and expanded integration with enterprise IT systems.

The expanded BoxTone EMM platform takes an ITSM-based approach to mobile security, governance, risk and compliance. By combining direct integration with existing policy and security systems – such as Microsoft Active Directory – with automated policy, change and compliance management, BoxTone empowers enterprise CIOs and CISOs to substantially reduce risks and costs associated with human errors and gaps in coverage.

BoxTone’s EMM platform now delivers full enterprise-grade security, management and governance based on key enhancements made to its automated Mobile Device Management (MDM) Engine, which include:

BoxTone Security Management Dashboard: Provides real-time visibility into the global mobile security posture and compliance status – from across the enterprise down to the individual device – with trending information and acute details on security gaps or non-compliance.

BoxTone Policy Management: Automatically maps and extends existing enterprise policy typically defined and managed in Active Directory, then automatically synchronizes policy adds, changes and removes to all devices with no manual intervention.

BoxTone Configuration Management: Automatically adjusts device configurations based on changes to mobile and enterprise policies with no manual intervention.

BoxTone Compliance Management: Continuously monitors the end-to-end security status of all enterprise devices, applications, mobile services, dependent infrastructure and existing security and policy systems, and automatically detects, remediates and logs violations with no manual intervention.

BoxTone Mobile Analytics: Includes comprehensive data warehouse and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) reporting to deliver a holistic approach with full audit capabilities and proof of controls.

BoxTone Platform Integration: The expanded EMM platform integrates with existing security and policy management systems to ensure consistent policy enforcement across the enterprise; eliminates the typical risks associated with traditional MDM tools that create their own separate, gap-riddled policy stove-pipes.

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