Replacement for legacy two-factor authentication

Yubico announced the availability of YubiRADIUS, a free, virtual appliance server that delivers secure remote access, SSL-VPN and VPN connectivity.

Built on open source components, the unique solution has proven to be a highly successful replacement for legacy two-factor authentication by global enterprises.

With deployments across multiple verticals, including internet service providers, energy companies and U.S. Department of Defense contractors, YubiRADIUS delivers a remote access solution with strong two-factor authentication at the market’s lowest total cost of ownership.

Easy to install and deploy, YubiRADIUS is enterprise-class VPN software that is seamlessly integrated with the company’s YubiKey, an innovative, compact USB authentication device, adopted by more than one million users globally. With a simple touch of the YubiKey, the device automatically generates and enters a unique identity and One-Time Password (OTP) for secure two-factor authentication.

“With remote and secure connectivity being an urgent requirement for many organizations, the YubiRADIUS solution is designed to quickly and effectively meet the requirements” said Stina Ehrensvard, CEO and Founder, Yubico. “In less than two hours, a corporation with a thousand employees, can deploy affordable, easy-to-use and strong two-factor authentication for all their staff”

The YubiRADIUS solution is based on FreeRADIUS and open source components and is offered as a free virtual appliance for download and installation. The password part can be checked against the organization’s existing Active Directory (AD) or LDAP so users only have to remember their traditional network password.

YubiRADIUS works seamlessly with YubiHSM, Yubico’s inexpensive Hardware Security Module (HSM), for protecting YubiKey encryption keys on a standard sever.

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