First military-secured 3G and 4G core network

Tecore Networks introduced the 4G evolution of its military-secured iCore platform, making it the world’s first complete, multi-technology mobile network.

By incorporating the key components of the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) into the Core Network architecture, the iCore is able to provide its current 3G customers with a seamless, software-based migration from the current 2G and 3G networks toward 4G LTE.

This offers the benefit of supporting 2G, 3G and 4G technologies simultaneously, and on the same core; thus, avoiding the traditional side-by-side equipment deployment as the devices and network evolves.

Given the terrain and limited space the military works in, this becomes a major advantage in the battlefield. As such, Tecore’s Military-Secured Network in a Box (MilSec-NIB) is now loaded with the new technology and can integrate 3G and 4G protocols.

The 4G LTE software upgrade consist of 3GPP compliant MME, S-GW, P-GW, PCRF, and HSS nodes designed and developed for scalability, as well as co-existence with existing iCore 3G capabilities.

This standards-based implementation supports connectivity to eNodeB access facilities from multiple vendors ranging from single site femto/pico applications to larger scale multi-site macro cell site implementations. The upgrade is available across the full line of Tecore’s iCore products, including the NIB, MilSec-NIB, RVS, and iCore Macro systems.


  • All-in-one network solution, space-optimized as small as 22 cm
  • Packet data support from WCDMA to HSPA+ and LTE
  • Full suite of voice services, text and multimedia messaging
  • Multiple operation modes including standalone private networks, multi-site, or roaming interconnect with the commercial operator’s network
  • Self-organizing network (SON) features to implement state-of-the-art operations and maintenance
  • Localized information security, including encryption of communications between users and between locations.

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