The value of securing Internet enabled devices

From the hottest new tablet to sleek smartphones and laptops, electronic devices are likely to be at the top of many consumers’ Christmas wish lists this year. Understandably, most lucky recipients will immediately load personal data, contact information, photos, and entertainment files onto their new toys, eager to enjoy them right away.

According to UK home owners that participated in a global survey by McAfee, the most popular items that consumers store on digital devices include personal memories (89%), personal communications (87%), entertainment files (73%) and hobbies or personal interests (75%).

However, in today’s constantly connected world, cybercriminals are widening their nets to target a variety of devices and platforms so consumers need to make sure that they are protecting new equipment.

Those surveyed estimated that the total cost of information stored on their devices is worth approximately £34,250 and 58% wouldn’t be able to recreate or repurchase any digital assets that are stored across different platforms.

Internet users need to remember that when new devices are completely unprotected, they can be very vulnerable to malware infections or social engineering scams that can steal personal information. With consumers spending more time on internet-enabled appliances they need to be wary of the online threats facing them.

At the moment, 41% of respondents estimate that they spend more than 20 hours each week using digital devices for personal use and 65% of households own more than three digital devices.

Encouragingly, 61% of those surveyed do worry about the security and protection of digital assets, while 87% believe that money spent on protecting their digital assets is well spent. In addition, 92% of respondents claim that they feel well protected against viruses and malicious attacks.

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