Questioning of incoming data crucial for security awareness

In the last six-to-twelve months, we have witnessed many different cyber attacks. Hacktivists were making a statement, the players behind the so-called Advanced Persistent Threats were often searching for company and government secrets, run-of-the-mill cyber gangs were looking for financial information.

The players were different, and so were their goals, but the great majority chose to initiate their attacks with social engineering and phishing techniques aimed at tricking employees into opening the doors for them.

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference Europe 2011, Hugh Thompson, Program Committee Chair for RSA Conferences and Chief Security Strategist at People Security talks about a new breed of attackers and why the need for security awareness is now bigger than ever.

He points out that security is coming more and more down to the little decisions that every single employee makes every day, and that information security professionals should concentrate on teaching users to question every piece of data that comes their way.

Listen to the podcast here.

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