DirectPass: Password management and login convenience

Trend Micro announced DirectPass, a password management solution. Designed to organize and manage passwords, DirectPass provides consumers with a way to manage their online activities, while offering extra security measures to keep their credentials safe.

The average online user has multiple accounts; however, the majority of people fail to manage their passwords in a secure manner. According to a recent Trend Micro survey, 75 percent of consumers have 10 accounts or more, yet only 20 percent say they use third-party software to manage their passwords.

Benefits include:

  • Manage all passwords and login IDs in one secure location
  • Seamlessly login to web sites without the need to re-enter credentials – users only have to remember one password
  • Automatically fill personal information into web forms accurately and safely
  • A secure browser for banking or financial websites
  • Mitigation against keylogging malware
  • A text-entry feature to store private information that is completely protected
  • Synchronize online credentials across multiple devices (PCs, mobile phones and tablets)
  • Leverage the security and convenience of DirectPass from anywhere, on any device with a secure Internet connection.

“We know that most security threats arise when passwords are forgotten or because users try to remember them by writing them down or worse, making them weak in order to easily commit them to memory,” said Carol Carpenter, general manager of Trend Micro.

“With the introduction of DirectPass, Trend Micro’s goal is to lower users’ risks of running into malicious intent by heightening the security of their passwords in an easy way that also doesn’t interfere with their day-to-day digital life,” Carpenter added.

DirectPass is available immediately in the U.S. A free version (up to five passwords) can be downloaded online.

The premium version, which includes support for unlimited passwords, is also available online for $14.95 for a 1-year subscription.

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