Multifunction printer hacking

A great number of multifunction printers of have the ability to integrate within a corporation’s business environment and connect to its email systems, its file systems, its FTP servers and a number of other resources. In order to be able to do that, these devices have to contain credentials needed to authenticate themselves to these resources.

Unfortunately, this information can also be extracted by attackers and be misused by them to gain a foothold into the internal network.

In this podcast, Deral Heiland talks about the types of attacks that can be mounted against multifunction printers and shares best security practices and mitigation techniques that will make the attackers’ job a lot harder.

He also presents Praeda, a tool designed to gather information from web interfaces on printers (and other embedded devices), which allows penetration testers to search for vulnerabilities that attackers can take advantage of.

Listen to the podcast here.

Deral Heiland CISSP, serves as a Senior Security Engineer for CDW where he is responsible for security assessments, and consulting for corporations and government agencies.

In addition, Deral is the founder of Ohio Information Security Forum a not for profit organization that focuses on information security training and education. Deral Is also a member of the security team. Deral has presented at numerous conferences including ShmooCon, Defcon, Securitybyte India, University of Wisconsin lockdown conference and has also been a guest lecturer at the Airforce Institute of Technology (AFIT).

Deral has over 18 years of experience in the Information Technology field, and has held multiple positions including: Senior Network Analyst, Network Administrator, Database Manager, Financial Systems Manager and Senior Information Security Analyst where he was responsible for delivering security guidance and leadership in the area of risk and vulnerability management for a global Fortune 500 manufacturer.

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