Unified web security solution from Blue Coat

Blue Coat Systems introduced its Unified Security solution that enables the extended enterprise to expand its secure perimeter to now include all users on devices across any network.

The Blue Coat Unified Security solution leverages the same patented technologies and infrastructure across appliances and a cloud-based security service to seamlessly deliver consistent policies and protection to all users.

The Blue Coat Unified Security solution delivers Global Threat Defense, Universal Policy and Unified Reporting across its Secure Web Gateway appliances and the cloud-based Blue Coat Security Service, giving businesses the flexibility to deploy a solution that best meets their unique requirements.

This deployment flexibility enables enterprises to protect their investment in existing deployments while extending security to smaller branch offices and remote or mobile users.

The boundaries of the extended enterprise are increasingly fluid, driven by the growth of mobile devices and increasing “consumerization” of applications on the corporate network. Users accessing the network with multiple devices, and expecting access from any location or device, create a security gap for enterprises.

According to the Blue Coat 2012 Web Security Report, Social Networking was the second most requested category of content for users of Apple iOS devices. In the same report, Blue Coat Security Labs also found that Social Networking was the third most popular attack vector in 2011, representing 1 in 16 malnet (malware network) attacks.

In today’s environment, securing the network means securing the user. Traditional security solutions are not equipped to continuously protect, control and manage users as they move from headquarters to branch offices to remote locations and from desktops to laptops to mobile devices.

The Blue Coat Unified Security solution delivers Global Threat Defense, Universal Policy and Unified Reporting capabilities to the extended enterprise.

The Global Threat Defense provides consistent enterprise-grade protection powered by the Blue Coat WebPulse collaborative defense. Utilizing real-time requests and ratings, WebPulse has comprehensive visibility into web and malnet ecosystems. Currently, Blue Coat is tracking more than 500 malnets, enabling WebPulse to identify new malicious components and provide a negative day defense that can block attacks at their source before they launch. In 2012, Blue Coat Security Labs expects that nearly two-thirds of all new attacks will be launched by malnets, making Global Threat Defense for all users a critical requirement to eliminate potential security gaps.

Universal Policy gives extended enterprises the ability to create global policies that seamlessly follow a user across all networks on all devices. The single policy per user capability is built on the industry’s most flexible policy engine that delivers in-depth action-based polices as well as granular web application and operation controls. With Universal Policy, the extended enterprise can set security, acceptable use, compliance and productivity policies depending on user situations and devices.

Unified Reporting from Blue Coat delivers a single “pane-of-glass” view into all web and user behavior. With this aggregate global view across all products and locations, the extended enterprise has a powerful tool for drilling into behavior to identify security risks and take closed loop policy actions. For example, Unified Reporting can identify advanced persistent threat activity on the network and infected end user systems for rapid incident resolution and forensics. Available today, Unified Reporting can be delivered as an on-premise solution, where reports are aggregated on site, or as a hosted solution that aggregates reports in the Blue Coat Security Service.

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