AuthenTec combines fingerprint security with Symantec VIP

AuthenTec’s Eikon Digital Privacy Manager now comes pre-configured with Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP).

The addition of Symantec VIP to Eikon fingerprint readers allows users to quickly and easily perform three-factor authentication via a single swipe of a finger, combining something you are (your fingerprint) with something you know (password) and something you have (Eikon fingerprint reader).

Until now, users had to carry a physical authentication token or copy and paste the VIP code manually. Now with a convenient swipe of the finger, Eikon users are assured secure access to a multitude of Symantec VIP-approved sites. The solution also enables IT administrators to conveniently deploy multi-factor authentication while helping reduce the cost of managing physical tokens and effectively preventing network attacks from key loggers and other means.

“With Symantec’s VIP strong authentication solution, customers don’t have to choose between security and ease of use,” said Kerry Loftus, senior director of Product Management, Symantec. “The new Eikon offering further simplifies the use of VIP solution as a second factor for authentication while making use of hardware features embedded in the fingerprint reader to bolster security. Businesses and consumers alike will appreciate the added security and usability when logging into their company’s private network or an e-commerce or banking website.”

“On-line fraud and unauthorized web access is a growing and significant problem. The newest addition to our popular Eikon fingerprint reader products combines enterprise-class security in an easy-to-use device for both consumer and enterprise that requires no typing of log-ins or passwords. Our offering delivers Symantec VIP in a very fast and convenient way, with one swipe of a finger,” said Tom Aebli, AuthenTec Vice President of Software and e-Commerce.

“Eikon Digital Privacy Manager Premium can be easily added to any PC and gives users very convenient, yet secure one-touch access to password-protected websites and online resources. We appreciate the support of the Symantec team for awarding us the Symantec VIP stamp of approval,” he added.

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