Manage Linux and UNIX privileged access

BeyondTrust released PowerBroker Servers Enterprise which allows organizations to seamlessly manage privileged access on Linux and UNIX systems across dynamic physical, virtual and cloud environments through Microsoft Active Directory.

“While Linux and UNIX user accounts tend to have the most privileged access in an organization, they’re all too often being managed in silos, which presents a substantial insider threat risk,” said Jim Zierick, EVP of product operations at BeyondTrust. “The manual process of managing the multitude of separate Linux and UNIX identities increases costs and complexity, ultimately leading to compliance failures and leaving critical systems and data susceptible to security breaches.”

PowerBroker Servers Enterprise brings together best-of-breed privilege authorization management coupled with identity services to meet the complex security and compliance requirements of the virtual datacenter.

The solution provides a simple to use graphical interface to implement privileged access policy and the ability to log, monitor and report on all user access and activities. This approach empowers IT organizations with the ability to delegate root tasks and authorization on Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X platforms without ever disclosing the highly sensitive root password.

PowerBroker Servers Enterprise enables audit-ready logging and reporting to deliver a solution that enables businesses of every size and industry to satisfy critical internal and external compliance requirements and regulations including SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS and FISMA.

PowerBroker Servers Enterprise delivers granular access control to protect against intentional or accidental misuse of privilege that would otherwise allow employees or hackers, acting as employees through advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks, to execute privileged commands.

New features to PowerBroker Servers Enterprise include:

  • Easy to use graphical interface to simplify the creation and management of privilege access policies
  • Easy to deploy privilege access policies using Active Directory Group Policies
  • Point and click reporting showing who is running, has attempted to run or been blocked from running privileged commands.

Entitlement reports showing which users and groups have access to specific computers:

Daily operational reports showing users that are added or deleted

  • Operational dashboard showing health of privilege access management infrastructure
  • Customization of privilege access events for use in SIEM applications.
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