Enhanced security awareness for tablet users

Cryptzone unveiled the latest release of NETconsent Compliance Suite, its policy management software.

Recognising how difficult it is to raise IT security awareness amongst an increasingly mobile workforce, the solution ensures employees are aware of policies, educated on the reasons why they are important and tested to see if they understand their responsibilities. With the current trend toward tablet computers, these documents are now accessible at people’s finger tips.

Key features include:

Policy presentation on tablet devices
Documents delivered through NETconsent can now be accessed and signed up to from tablets at the point of use. Opening access up to consumer devices, gives people much greater access to policies and procedures and a better chance for organizations to develop user awareness of security issues and clarification of their responsibility for data security on personal devices.

Standards Mappings
Often policy content can relate to more than one compliance standard – PCI DSS, Data Protection, SOX, etc. Responding to existing customer demand, NETconsent enables every piece of content to be categorized by any standards relating to it. Not only can all policies/procedures/e-learning modules relating to a given standard be quickly identified, but also managers and auditors, without any administration effort, are instantly able to obtain a report of all the people signed up to policies, having completed training or undertaken tests.

Alerter can be used to notify users of policy updates and other urgent documentation not just at start up. It can also be used to notify users or groups of users of important messages, unrelated to policies – for example a security threat, product recall notice, etc.

“Although many organizations have persisted in their refusal to allow employees to use some mobile devices for work, they are set to become commonplace in the business environment, just as with previous innovations,” says Dominic Saunders, Cryptzone VP for the NETconsent Business Unit.

“Security policies and systems need to catch up fast as a new generation of workers demand the ability to take advantage of the personal and business value such devices offer. A recent PWC report stated employee awareness is often the weakest link in any organization’s security strategy – an unacceptable situation since employee compliance with mobile security is uniquely critical to its success. Unless policies are part of a conjoined awareness program, they are going to be less effective.”

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