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Copiun announced TrustedShare, an enterprise-grade mobile collaboration solution that lets workers securely access and manage documents on mobile devices while delivering end-to-end data governance to the corporation.

Copiun TrustedShare also provides direct, native access to Microsoft’s SharePoint or other File Server-based environments with no VPN, firewall re-configurations or extra stores.

“There’s a perfect storm brewing in corporations today,” said Puneesh Chaudhry, CEO and co‐founder of Copiun. “Mobile device proliferation is at an all-time high, the trend toward consumerization of technology is growing, and IT departments are struggling to gain visibility and control over the information flow.”

Key benefits for the mobile worker include:

More Access – Mobile workers can access, edit and share all types of business documents natively and securely on their personal mobile devices when and where they need them, ensuring the latest information is always at-hand. They also won’t have to be concerned with a slow or unreliable VPN connection or need to remember if they copied a file to a workspace.

More Devices – Copiun TrustedShare works with the most popular smartphones and tablets in the enterprise workplace – whether corporate-issued or employee-owned, iOS or Android powered.

More Document Stores – Copiun gives mobile workers secure native access to corporate documents stored anywhere — in file shares or in SharePoint. Users can even check-in, check-out and access their own SharePoint sub-sites.

Better Sharing – Mobile workers can securely exchange documents internally and externally, capture forms and field data and publish RFPs, manuals, collateral and more – at anytime, from any device, using productivity solutions appropriate to their devices.

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