SaaSID launches Cloud Application Manager

SaaSID unveiled Cloud Application Manager (CAM), security software that provides single sign on (SSO), application shaping and auditing of any applications accessed using a browser.

CAM provides CIOs and compliance managers with a simple way of provisioning, managing and reporting on cloud-based application use, whether accessed using corporate or personal devices.

The software integrates with existing directories (including Active Directory) to extend enterprise identity, with support for a range of authentication standards (such as SAML). Through policy-based blocking of application features, including tabs, menu options, buttons and links, CAM brings access control to cloud applications that is equivalent to on-premise solutions.

Browser functions such as print and copy can also be restricted on specific pages. This enables CIOs to extend corporate IT security policies to include web applications. Additional features allow data to be selectively redacted. All user interaction with applications managed by CAM is provided in an audit trail, to meet regulatory compliance.

A recent survey of 1,500 IT professionals, undertaken by Juniper Networks, found that more than half were worried about data breaches as a result of colleagues using personal devices to access the corporate network, often without their employer’s permission. Ninety per cent of these IT professionals believe that employers should provide the means to secure personal computing devices used for business activity.

Cloud Application Manager can be implemented for existing cloud-based applications and extended through application on-boarding features whenever new applications are rolled out to employees. There are no changes needed to cloud vendor code, nor costly recoding of bespoke or legacy enterprise web applications.

The software can also be used to enforce corporate policies covering the use of social networking sites, by allowing employees to read, but not post from corporate devices, for example.

“IT professionals are under increasing pressure to support and secure personal computing devices used to access cloud-based applications. As a result, we’ve seen a raft of mobile device management security products coming to market,” comments Ed Macnair, CEO of SaaSID. “However, until now, we haven’t seen any solution that provides such granular management of features such as Chatter within, or that can monitor or block printing of sensitive Google Apps documents, while providing a detailed record of all user activity. Cloud Application Manager is specifically designed to both manage and audit cloud-based application access, extending security into the browser.”


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