Web Application Security, A Beginner’s Guide

Web Application Security, A Beginner’s Guide imparts the hard-learned lessons and experiences of top security professionals, and provides know-how that can otherwise take you years to learn.

This book provides you with an actionable, rock-solid foundation in Web application security – from a thorough review of the tools and resources essential to Web application security to the trade’s best practices for detecting vulnerabilities and protecting applications. The aim of this series is to help you work a bit more expertly than your actual years of hands-on experience.

Web Application Security, A Beginner’s Guide features:

Lingo – Concise definitions of frequently used security terms.

In Actual Practice – Real-world examples of security concepts in context.

Budget Note – Tips for optimizing security processes and technologies to align with an organization’s budget.

IMHO – Cautionary advice on errors to avoid, based on the authors’ life lessons.

Your Plan – Customizable, on-the-job planning checklists.

Into Action – Hands-on exercises that show how to apply new skills.

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