Create secure web applications with Sentinel Source

WhiteHat Security announced Sentinel Source, a solution for creating secure online applications from inception to launch.

With the ability to track source code development for vulnerabilities in real-time and complete integration with WhiteHat’s Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) product line that assesses sites in production and pre-production, Sentinel Source gives developers and security teams a solution for building applications and a more secure Internet.

Sentinel Source tests Web applications as they are developed, returning code remediation data to security teams and developers to address security issues that matter most earlier in the development lifecycle. Additional, industry-first benefits include:

Continuous, concurrent and on-demand: Code assessments may be queried as soon as new pieces are uploaded and are also performed continuously to identify if new vulnerabilities are created as development progresses.

On-premise scanning: Preserves integrity of intellectual property by performing all assessments without compiled source code leaving internal networks.

Multiple scanning methods: Provides industry-leading scanning speeds as an on-site appliance or virtual machine.

SaaS-based solution: Streamlines deployment and delivers easy to use vulnerability management and reporting via the unified Sentinel dashboard.

No false-positives: Through WhiteHat Security’s unique Threat Research Center, all Sentinel Source assessments are 100% verified for exploitability so developers can efficiently address real problems.

Sentinel Source means enterprises no longer need to rely on consultants or unverified, unclear data from tools to secure their Web-based applications. Sentinel Source’s proprietary scanning engine identifies code vulnerabilities before agile developers have moved past them, preventing downstream flaws that leave an organization open for attack. All vulnerability information is then viewed by organizations through WhiteHat Sentinel’s intuitive Web UI for quick and easy remediation.

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