Email encryption on iOS and Android

Voltage Security announced Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition, a comprehensive program designed to extend data-centric security to a new generation of mobile devices.

The solution allows mobile users to read encrypted messages sent from Voltage-enabled desktops, gateways, enterprise applications and other mobile devices. Users can reply to or compose new secure messages to any standard inbox with a simple “send secure” option.

By working with the native mobile email client apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, users can enjoy their familiar email experience and native phone features for ease of use and convenience. Granular, centrally managed message-level mobile policies simplify regulatory compliance for sensitive email content – inside and outside the enterprise.

Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition protects sensitive email messages and attachments with persistent data encryption, mitigating the risk of data breaches and streamlining compliance with privacy regulations.

Key features include:

Native device and app integration: Works with the existing email client apps, native UI, contacts and global address lists. Full attachment support with native viewers streamlines access to secure content for mobile users.

App-store provisioning: Employees, partners, and customers can self-provision the app and register their email address within minutes, streamlining secure business interactions to supported mobile users anywhere, anytime.

Unified policies and enforcement: Enables central control and audit for enforcing security policies including authentication, recipient rules, reply, forward, and compose – inside and outside the enterprise.

Global enterprise scale: With no per-device key pairs or certificates to manage, or custom configuration files to distribute, Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition can be deployed across a dispersed enterprise user population quickly and with minimal operational cost.

Designed for MDM compatibility: Working with Bring Your Own Device-driven Mobile Device Management solutions, the new mobile apps reach past MDM device-level controls to protect email and attachments wherever they go.

Protect cloud email messages: Supports recipients using popular web-based email services on mobile devices. Users on Gmail and Yahoo Mail, for example, can rest assured their messages remain secure, even if their inbox is compromised.

The new mobile email security app is available immediately for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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