Securely open cloud apps to mobile devices

Layer 7 Technologies released the SecureSpan Mobile Access Gateway which simplifies how internal information gets exposed to mobile apps and developers while giving architects the ability to configure security, performance and supporting integrations.

Benefits include:

Identity: extend enterprise LDAP & SSO to mobile access frameworks like OAuth, OpenID Connect and JSON Web Tokens

Security: protect mobile REST & OData APIs against attack, build custom geo-fencing policies, proxy mobile streaming protocols like WebSockets and XMPP

Adaptation: translate and orchestrate back-end information services into mobile-ready formats like JSON & REST

Optimization: aggregate, pre-fetch and cache data retrieval calls for improved performance

Integration: simplify integration with notification services and external cloud services

“Enterprises want to enable employees, partners and consumers with apps that leverage their information assets,” said Stephen Mak, product manager for mobile, Layer 7 Technologies. “The Mobile Access Gateway fills a need for helping enterprises manage how that information gets exposed, secured and integrated.”

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