DroidSheep: Android tool for session hijacking

DroidSheep is a simple Android tool for web session hijacking (sidejacking). It listens for HTTP packets sent via a wireless (802.11) network connection and extracts the session id from these packets in order to reuse them.

DroidSheep can capture sessions using the libpcap library and supports: OPEN Networks WEP encrypted networks WPA and WPA2 encrypted networks (PSK only). The software uses libpcap and arpspoof.

DroidSheeps main intention is to demonstrate how EASY it can be, to take over nearly any internet account. Using DroidSheep any user – even without technical experience – can check if his web session can be attacked or not. For these users it is hard to determine, if the data is sent using HTTPS or not, specially in case of using apps.

Here’s two demonstrations of what DroidSheep can do:

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