Bogus O2 “account security update” emails tricking users

Phishers are taking advantage of the recent network problems that left O2 mobile customers scrambling for a connection and are trying to convince them to share account details through a specially crafted phishing site.

“As part of ongoing upgrade, We (sic) have introduced a new internet security into our online services to protect all our users (sic) information. We endeavour all our user’s (sic) to protect their account by clicking on the link below,” says the poorly written email supposedly coming from the “O2 Team”.

The offered link takes users to a bogus “O2 Security Update” account login page – created a little over two weeks ago and registered in China – where they are asked to input account and private details. Once the information is submitted, they are redirected to the legitimate O2 login page.

The company has confirmed that they haven’t been sending out “security update” emails.

As always, users are advised not to follow links from unsolicited emails and to check the URL of a website before sharing their account, private or financial information.

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