Universal IPsec clients for Android 4.0+ platforms

NCP engineering released two versions of its IPsec VPN client that supports Android 4.0 and all future platform updates. The NCP Secure Android Client and Premium Android Client ensure highly-secure access to corporate networks from all Android applications, including terminal-server clients and e-mail clients, among other essential business applications.

As the only universal, third-party IPsec VPN clients available for the operating system, both versions seamlessly integrate with VPN gateways from Cisco, Juniper, WatchGuard, Checkpoint, Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and others.

A free 10-day trial of the clients can be downloaded from Google Play.

Key features:

  • Both versions help preserve device battery power and can be installed without rooting the operation system. With user-friendly graphical interfaces, the clients ensure easy handling and make importing existing VPN configurations simple and intuitive.
  • For Premium users, an “auto reconnect” feature ensures continuous workflow. For example, VPN connections interrupted by dead zones or changes in the transmission network, automatically reestablish connectivity. Premium software also delivers strong authentication mechanisms, providing comprehensive protection against unauthorized access and supports one-time-passwords (OTP) and PKI certificates. When used in conjunction with the NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Server, the NCP Path Finder Technology enables secure VPN connections, even when IPsec connections are blocked via firewalls.
  • NCP’s VPN software supports all technical communications and security standards including Internet Key Exchange (IKE) v1 and 2, IP address assignment via local IP address or IKE config mode, pre-shared key or PKCS#12 certificate support, XAUTH, and split and full tunneling network access.

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