O2 users targeted with phishing emails offering vouchers

Following the bogus “account security update” emails sent out earlier this month after the UK-wide O2 mobile network failure, its users are again targeted with emails supposedly coming from the company:

When the service was restored, O2 promised to reimburse the affected users by either taking 10% off from their July subscription or 10% extra on their first top-up in September. In addition to this, all customers would also receive a £10 O2 voucher to spend in store.

Also at the time, the company explicitly warned about potential phishing emails sure to follow after this incident, and advised users to ignore them.

And, sure enough, the emails came. This latest one reiterates the promises of a £10 voucher, but also offers a security update.

Unfortunately for those who fall for the trick, the offered link takes them to a fake O2 login page. Needless to say, the entered login credentials end up in the scammers’ hands.

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