Total Defense launches mobile security for business

Total Defense launched the Total Defense Mobile Security Suite, a cloud based solution that delivers a wide range of security and management features to reduce the risks associated with an increasing number of personal mobile devices accessing corporate networks.

Total Defense Mobile Security provides proactive malware protection and heuristic detection to automatically defend users in real-time against malicious applications that may be downloaded from app stores and through files sent directly to the device.

The product also includes mobile device management (MDM), which enables IT administrators to enforce security policies, password compliance and application restrictions, as well as remotely remove malicious or non-compliant applications from devices.

Total Defense Mobile Security Suite works on multiple platforms including Google Android based smartphones and tablets, BlackBerry, and Apple iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.

benefits include:

Seamless cloud deployment – allows IT administrators to manage mobile security and remote management policies from a web-based console accessible from anywhere.

On-demand client deployment – allows simple, scalable feature deployment including over the air license enablement and registration and automatic boot upon device restart.

Automatic malware definition updates – provides real-time protection and automatic updates against the latest threats.

Heuristic detection – provides zero day threat detection without depending on malware signature updates.

Anti-theft and loss protection – mitigates the risks of losing corporate and personal data on a lost or stolen device by remotely locating it, remotely locking the device, or wiping the device contents

Remote backup and restore – allows remote backups of personal and business data, as well as easily importing data into new mobile devices.

Application monitoring and control – allows administrators to view applications installed on mobile devices and define a blacklist of applications.

Security – Mobile Security bundled with Total Defense r12 Endpoint and Total Defense Cloud Web & Email Security offers businesses the ability to secure data and manage all corporate IT assets anytime and anywhere.

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