Effective MySQL Backup and Recovery

Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery offers a no-nonsense approach to one of the most critical tasks of an operational DBA—performing, testing, and verifying backup and disaster recovery procedures.

The book helps you understand the limitations and quirks that can exist relating to MySQL backups. This is key to ensuring that the important business information that’s been backed up and the method used to recover it will meet business needs.

This Oracle Press guide drills down into real-world problems and provides succinct, proven formulas for succeeding faster and with greater overall understanding of the systems—regardless of your experience level.


  • Contains Five Minute DBA chapter which presents a real-world scenario and the correct way to manage it
  • Features a portable format that can be taken anywhere
  • Filled with valuable, concentrated information for addressing the problems MySQL developers, architects, and DBAs face every day
  • Covers other critical uses of backups that can be incorporated into daily operations, including assisting in the verification process, boosting scalability and availability, testing, and benchmarking.

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