Full keynote lineup announced for RSA Conference Europe 2012

RSA Conference announced its complete line-up of keynote speakers for the 13th annual RSA Conference Europe, taking place from 9th -11th October 2012, at the Hilton London Metropole Hotel, U.K.

RSA Conference Europe 2012 features high-profile keynote speakers that will advise attendees on how to address the latest threats targeting the information security community. Featured keynote speakers include:

Bruce Schneier, Chief Security Technology Officer, BT, Wednesday, 10 October
Mr. Schneier’s keynote titled, “Trust, Security, and Society”, investigates the human reliance on trust. Every day, we all trust millions of people, organisations, and systems — and it’s done so easily that we barely notice. But in any system of trust, there is an alternative, parasitic, strategy that involves abusing that trust.

Ensuring defectors don’t destroy the very cooperative systems they’re abusing is an age-old problem. So society developed a variety of pressures to induce cooperation: moral systems, reputational systems, institutional systems, and security systems. Understanding how these different societal pressures work — and fail — is essential to understanding the problems we face in today’s increasingly technological and interconnected world.

Misha Glenny, Journalist and Author of DarkMarket: How Hackers Became the New Mafia, Wednesday, 10 October
Mr. Glenny’s presentation examines The Struggle for Control of the Internet; an issue that touches enterprises, governments, service providers and people. The genius of the Internet lies in its interconnectedness. But this is also its Achilles’ heel: everyone wants to take control of it at the expense of everyone else.

Our dependency on network systems are growing, but our resilience is not keeping up. Law enforcers, spies, and the military now believe it is central to their security strategies. So do criminals, terrorists and hacktivists. Where does this leave the citizen?

Herbert “Hugh” Thompson, Ph.D, RSA Conference Programme Committee Chairman RSA Conference, Tuesday, 9 October
In a discussion titled, Securing the Human: Our Industry’s Greatest Challenge, Dr. Thompson will investigate how cybercriminals are shifting from exploiting technical vulnerabilities to exploiting bad choices made by trusting employees. Security now rests precariously on the ability of people to make good choices.

Attackers will always eventually find ways to game new technical defences; businesses need to turn users into allies, giving them the tools and the knowledge to make better choices. With real examples, this session takes a look at the depth of the problem, some innovative solutions, and opens a window into one of our industry’s greatest challenges: securing the human.

Jimmy Donal Wales, Internet Entrepreneur and Founder of Wikipedia, Thursday, 11 October
As previously announced, Jimmy Wales is scheduled to be the closing keynote for RSA Conference 2012. Mr. Wales will provide a keynote address titled Democracy and the Internet which focuses on opening markets, promoting cultural understanding, and giving developing nations the resources they need to compete in the 21st century.

With current total Internet usage of one billion people set to double in the next five to 10 years, the Internet has the power to combat stereotypes, censorship, media control, and monopolies while simultaneously allowing citizens of developing nations to have a more prominent voice.

Additional keynote speakers include:

  • Art Coviello, Executive Vice President of EMC Corporation and Executive Chairman of RSA, The Security Division of EMC
  • Joshua Corman, Director, Security Intelligence, Akamai Technologies
  • Adrienne Hall, General Manager, Trustworthy Computing Microsoft Corporation
  • Francis deSouza, Group President, Enterprise Products and Services, Symantec
  • Philippe Courtot, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Qualys

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